Runtime: 97 Minutes

Director: Alex Proyas

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

My Rating: 6.5/10

The Crow tells the story of Eric Draven (Brandon Lee). A man brought back from the dead to get vengeance on his and fiances killers a year after his and her deaths. A very gritty and dark movie you follow Eric as he hunts down and kills with the aid of a crow who is linked to bringing him back.

The acting by Lee in this movie was outstanding. He really added so much character to his role through his movements and dialogue. It is unfortunate that this was his last movie due to an on set accident in which he died.

The soundtrack for this movie which was a mix of metal and eerie ambient tracks set the tone for this movie and its dark and deadly landscape.

Overall I quite enjoyed this movie. If you like your anti-hero sort of movies give this one a watch.