Runtime: 112 Minutes

Director: Edgar Wright

Genre: Action, Crime, Music

My Rating: 9.5/10

I honestly can’t find anything I didn’t like about this movie. Baby driver tells the story of a hearing impaired young man called Baby(Ansel Elgort) who has to drive getaway for a crime boss to pay back a past debt. Baby suffers from a constant ringing in his ears and plays music to drown it out. Its this music that makes up the soundtrack to this amazing movie.

Before I get to the acting I’ve got to talk about the soundtrack. Most movies have a soundtrack that goes with them. Its as if this movie has done the opposite and the movie goes with the soundtrack. From small things like timing gunshots to the beat of the music or in one of the early scenes where baby goes to get coffee to the song Harlem Shuffle he moves with the words of the song, street performers play other parts and even the graffiti on the walls match the song. This attention to detail really made this film perfect.

Now to the cast. All the acting was spot on. From all the different people hired for the heists to Kevin Spacey as Doc, the crime boss orchestrating everything. They all added something different to their character which was fantastic to watch.

The pacing was spot on not running too long and not feeling like it left anything out. Action is perfectly spaced out and when the action stops its only to set up the next bit.

I can’t praise this movie enough. Do yourself a favour and if you haven’t seen it make sure you do.

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