Runtime: 124 Minutes

Director: John Madden

Genre: Comedy, Drama

My Rating: 7/10

A heart Warming Movie about a group of British retirees movie to India to live out their retirement in a refurbished Hotel. Though all is not as it appeared in the brochure.

A charming story jam packed full of brilliant actors such as Judi Dench, Billy Nighy, Maggie Smith the list goes on. The run time seems like it would be too long for this sort of movie but it is perfect. Each character has their own backstory and reason for wanting to be in there and it is told in a wonderful way as to keep you engaged for the entire length. Maggie Smith shines as the racist Muriel who goes there so she can get surgery. The way her character developes during the movie is beautifully done though every actor adds character to there role that they are all different..

If you havent seen this movie I highly recommend you give it a go. You wont regret it.

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