Runtime: 101 Minutes

Director: Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher, Bob Logan

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

My Rating: 7/10

Lego Ninjago is bricking amazing. After the monster meowthra the cat is unleashed in an attempt to stop the evil Lord Garmadon Lloyd and his fellow ninja friends must go on a perilous journey to find the weapon needed to stop it.

Narrated by Jackie Chan the movie is just as good as the past Lego movies. I love the attention to detail, everything you see on screen is an actual Lego brick even the effects such as explosions will send bricks flying. The action is not stop and the jokes don’t stop rolling. This is a very well paced movie you won’t get tired of.

The animation is top notch with everything having its place and looking great. I look forward to the next Lego movie.

This movie is perfect for the entire family you won’t regret having to take the kids. You will laugh right along beside them.

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