Runtime: 112 Minutes

Director: Jason Moore

Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance

My Rating: 6/10

That was acca-wonderful. Pitch perfect tells the story of the Bella’s, A university all girl accapella group. I quite enjoyed this movie for the simple fact, I love the sound of accapella. For those that dont know what accapella is its defined as singing without musical accompaniment or  some groups use their voices to emulate the instruments.

For a movie all about singing Pitch Perfect delivers on that front with many great performances that are fun to listen to. A bit suprising all the singing is done by the actors themselves so if the movie business fails for them at least they can take up singing.

The story was paced well and was helped along by frequent performances that madfe the nearly two hour run time seem too fly along.

Overall a pretty good effort. I would recommend giving this movie a go.

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