Runtime: 103 Minutes

Director: Jeff Wadlow

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

My Rating: 7/10

What a kick ass adventure that was. Following the heroics of Kick Ass, other citizens are inspired to become super heroes of there own. When the reborn Red Mist, now known as The Motherfucker, forms an army of super villains it’s up to Kick Ass and his new team of super heroes to take them down.

Packed full of action you wont be bored for a minute with this film. The acting was good with some amazing fight sequences.

Filmed in a much the same way as the orginal it will give viewers that same feeling as watching the first. Its like if a comic and a movie had a love child it would be this movie.

Overall it was a very fun watch. If you liked the first you should definitely watch it. It isnt necessary but it is highly recommended you watch the first movie before this one so you understand a lot more of the references.

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