Runtime: 92 minutes

Director: Jermey Degruson, Ben Stassen

Genre: Animation, Comedy

My Rating: 6/10

I didnt know bigfoot had a son or that he was real for that matter. The Son of Bigfoot revolves around Adam (Voice of Pappy Faulkner) a teenager who wants to find out who his long lost dad was. Turns out his father is bigfoot and he didnt run off he has been hiding from the evil hair company that wants to do experiments on him.

A rather decent movie with good animation. The story is well written and the movie goes for a generous but not over the top amount of time. Characters all have their own personalities and are voiced well.

The concept is a bit weird but it works. Quite funny you will be entertained for the length of the movie.

Perfect movie for the kids and even the adults will get some enjoyment out of it.

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