116 Minutes


Denis Villeneuve


Drama, Mystery, Sci Fi


Amy Adams…Louise Banks
Jeremy Renner…Ian Donnelly
Forest Whitaker…Colonel Weber
Michael Stuhlbarg…Agent Halpern
Mark O’Brien…Captain Marks
Tzi Ma…General Shang




After twelve mysterious spacecraft appear above the earth all over the world the army bring in two civilian specialist to try to find out what the aliens want. Louise (Amy Adams) is a world-renowned linguist and its her job to find out what the aliens want before it’s too late.


Outstanding. Amy’s performance as Louise made this movie what it was. Very cautious at first but gaining confidence in attempting communication with a being that has never been seen before. The way she spoke and moved added that sense of learning something for the first time.


The special effects use to create the aliens, their language and ships was great. Unlike most space craft you see in movies they weren’t all sleek metal objects they had a more organic look about them. The language created for the aliens and how it appeared was quite interesting and its amazing to see the amount of effort that was put into creating it.


A very interesting story. Unlike most movies involving aliens coming to Earth this isn’t an action film. It’s more about learning and how things are perceived. The time was used well and kept you interested for the full duration.


I loved this movie. It kept you on the edge of your seat despite their being no action. It is more of a thought-provoking film.


If you are into Sci Fi movies or ones that you have to think a little but not too much you should give this movie a go. Children may get a bit bored with it but don’t let that stop you seeing a fantastic film.