101 minutes


Lorene Scafaria


Adventure, Comedy, Drama


Steve Carell…Dodge
Nancy Carell…Linda
Mark Moses…Anchorman
Keira Knightley…Penny
Adam Brody…Owen




The end is near, the end is near. Sounds crazy but for once it’s the truth. After that last failed attempt to prevent the end of the Earth fails everyone is given just 3 weeks to live.

Dodge (Steve Carrol) is just a simple man waiting for the inevitable. While everyone is effected by this news differently he continues with his life as if┬ánothing had changed. Penny (Kiera Knightley) is his neighbour and she isn’t taking it so well.

This unlikely couple finds themselves driving across the country to find Dodges highschool sweetheart but it doesn’t quite go according to plan.


Really quite good. The acting fit the characters perfectly. The way they were with each other shows just how different they were and how different people are affected by news like this. Dodge was happy to continue as normal as possible but Penny thinks of all that she has missed out on.


I enjoyed the story. It’s different to other end of the world movies where they focus on what is causing the end of the world. This movie however focused on the people and how it affected them which was a refreshing change. It made for an interesting watch.


Overall it could have been a bit shorted. Around the middle of the movie it did seem to drag on a bit. While not necessarily bad it was a little boring. Nothing to do with the acting which was good its just they could have fleshed it out a bit more or removed a scene or two which didn’t really add anything to the movie. Dont get me wrong I did still enjoy this movie and am glad I watched it.


Here is one for you drama/romance lovers. Great connection between the characters and watching how it unfolds makes this an interesting watch.