91 minutes


Michael SpierigPeter Spierig


Crime, Horror, Mystery


Matt Passmore…Logan Nelson
Callum Keith Rennie…Detective Halloran
Hannah Emily Anderson…Eleanor Bonneville
Clé Bennett…Detective Keith Hunt
Laura Vandervoort…Anna
Paul Braunstein…Ryan
Mandela Van Peebles…Mitch
Brittany Allen…Carly




When A psychopath starts killing people as his way of justice for their “sins” their bodies start showing up across the city. When detectives start investigating all the evidence points to one man, John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw. Can it really be him though? He has been dead for 10 years.


The acting wasnt bad. Nothing outstanding but it’s what you would expect if you were set in a trap designed to cause grievous harm to you and the people around you. The detectives were better but not much.


Blood and gore aplenty and some of the traps were rather clever in their design. From the reputation this series has I was expecting a bit more.


I will preface this by saying that this is the first Saw movie I have watched and I understand that I would probably get more out of it had I seen the previous entries into the series. Still it wasnt a bad story. Good for a mystery that will keep you guessing. I will have to return to this movie after watching to early movies.


Overall not a bad movie. As a person that normally avoids horror especially gory and bloody horror movies this was a lot tamer than expected. I don’t know if that’s just this movie and the others are worse or not I will have to wait and see.


If you have seen the other Saw movies by all means go and see it.