113 minutes


Stephen Chbosky


Drama, Family


Jacob Tremblay…Auggie
Owen Wilson…Nate
Izabela Vidovic…Via
Julia Roberts…Isabel




Wonder tells the inspiring story of a young boy called Auggie (Jacob Tremblay) who was born with complications, one of which is a facial deformity. After being homeschooled for most of his life his parents decide its time for him to try attending a mainstream elementary school. As expected he experiences difficulties fitting in and you get to follow his story from not only his point of view but his sisters, his sisters friend and his new-found friend at school.


The acting in this film was brilliant. Such a high quality of acting I could hardly believe it. Everyone played their role perfectly. I normally can’t stand Owen Wilson but he played Auggie’s father so well. It was heart warming to see how much he loved and cared for his son. His mother played by Julia Roberts shows how much of her life she had given up for her son. The rest of the actors were also amazing. Jacob Tremblay was by far the highlight. Its amazing someone so young can make you feel so much for a character.



There is nothing to dislike about this movie. Perfectly paced you really started to feel something and relate to the various characters. The nearly two hours run time just flies by you hardly notice it. The script was outstanding as well as how they told the story.


This is by far the best Drama and quite possibly the best movie I have seen all year and the best one that I can recall from memory. Everyone will be able to relate to this movie in someway. Everyone had trouble in some way or form in school even if it wasnt visible on the outside. The message this movie provides is so true right through life.


Everyone should give this movie a watch. You will all be able to take something out of it. You wont be disappointed.