119 minutes


David Leitch


Action, Adventure, Comedy


Josh Brolin…Nathan Summers / Cable
Ryan Reynolds…Wade / Deadpool
Morena Baccarin…Vanessa
Zazie Beetz…Domino
Brianna Hildebrand…Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Bill SkarsgĂ„rd…Zeitgeist
T.J. Miller…Weasel
Terry Crews…Bedlam
Rob Delaney…Peter
Julian Dennison…Russell
Lewis Tan…Shatterstar



Bonus Scenes

There are 2 bonus scenes during the credits.


Deadpool is back and this time he has made it his mission to protect a young boy from the time travelling killing machine Cable. With the help of his old friends and some new ones they must do everything they can to get to the boy before Cable can.


As good if not better than the first movie. Deadpool 2 has great acting from a rather large cast of characters each with there own personalities and abilities. Ryan Reynold is as funny as ever as the man in red who is full of one liners and 4th wall breaks throughout.


Special effects were even bigger than the first one. I guess the studio wasnt sure how the first one would go but after such a huge success they had more room to be able to make this movie as awesome as it is.


I enjoyed the story. Paced well with plenty of action thrown in. Introducing new characters as well as developing a few older ones some more was good.


After I watched this movie I went straight out and got another ticket and sat down to watch it again. What more can I say. I loved it.


Any fans of the first one, fans of superhero movies, fans of action, comedy all of those things you dont want to let this movie go by.

As Deapool himself will tell you. This is a family film.