106 minutes


M. Night Shyamalan


Drama , Mystery , Sci-Fi


Bruce Willis…David Dunn
Samuel L. Jackson…Elijah Price
Robin Wright…Audrey Dunn
Spencer Treat Clark…Joseph Dunn




David is just an ordinary guy who lives an ordinary life. That was until he was in a train accident where he was the sole survivor. Not long after he is contacted by the mysterious Elijah who believes there may be a reason that David survived with no injuries.

The movie is interesting it how it developes the characters and pulls you along for the journey. It’s not long until you are glued to your seat waiting to find out the truth just as the characters are themselves.

With fantastic actors with the likes of Willis and Jackson this is an enjoyable movie to watch.

If you have seen the movie Split by Shyamalan this is the movie that comes before it and soon will have a sequel.