122 minutes


Robert Rodriguez


Action, Sci-Fi


Rosa Salazar … Alita
Christoph Waltz … Dr. Dyson Ido
Jennifer Connelly … Chiren
Mahershala Ali … Vector
Ed Skrein … Zapan
Jackie Earle Haley … Grewishka
Keean Johnson … Hugo



The year is 2563 and Cyborg Doctor Ido(Christopher Waltz) is salvaging for parts in the scrapyard of the city that floats above his city when he comes across the head and torso of a teenage girl whose brain is still working. Dr Ido managers to put her back together and names her Alita(Rosa Salazar). Alita has unfortunately lost all her memories. Conflict, however, appears to trigger something.

I absolutely loved Alita: Battle Angel. The futuristic yet post war world was brilliantly created. The City whose inhabitants consisted of humans, cyborgs and a mix of both was full of life you could easily get lost in it.

The story was interesting that kept you wanting more and kept teasing you with just a little more at a time. It did a great job of keeping you engaged the entire time.

Alita: Battle Angel is highly recomended for anyone who is a fan of sci-fi. I will definitely be giving this a rewatch because I am sure I missed plenty.

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