111 minutes


Phil Johnston and Rich Moore


Animation, Adventure, Comedy


John C. Reilly … Ralph (voice)
Sarah Silverman … Vanellope (voice)
Gal Gadot … Shank (voice)
Taraji P. Henson … Yesss (voice)
Jack McBrayer … Felix (voice)
Jane Lynch … Calhoun (voice)
Alan Tudyk … KnowsMore (voice)
Alfred Molina … Double Dan (voice)
Ed O’Neill … Mr. Litwak (voice)



Its been six years since the events of Wreck It Ralph and life is great for Ralph and Vanellope. However, life is starting to feel stale for Vanellope and in an attempt to make things more interesting for her there is an accident and her game is broken. Facing the prospect of her game being shut off for good Ralph decides to go on the internet to find the replacement part needed to fix her game.

Disney have yet again given us a fantastic movie with Ralph Breaks the Internet. The animation is top-notch as well as the story. If you enjoyed Wreck it Ralph you are going to enjoy Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is the perfect movie for young and old alike.

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